A. Radial furrow or ring furrow method for cherry planting

Both methods of cherry fertilization are to spread the fertilizer evenly and mix it with the soil to avoid burning the roots. After application, the soil is covered and watered, or it can applied after the rain while the moisture is quietly good.

(1) Radial ditch method

Dig outward at 50 cm from the trunk of the tree, narrow inside and wide outside, shallow inside (30 cm) and deep outside (40-50 cm). The length of the trench extends to 20 cm outside the crown projection, with 4-6 trenches per plant.

(2) Ring ditch

Excavated at the crown projection, 50 cm wide and 40-50 cm deep.

B. Whole-garden spreading for cherry planting

The cherry root system is spread all over the garden. Spread the fertilizer evenly into the garden and turn it into the soil. This method is due to the shallow application (about 20 cm). It tends to cause the root system to float up and reduce the resistance of the root system to adverse conditions. It is best to alternate with the radiation furrow method or the ring furrow method of fertilization.

C. Fertilization of cavity storage for cherry planting

1.Cherry tree digging hole

A hole 35 cm deep and 30 cm in diameter was dug at the outer edge of the cherry canopy. Add a straw handle of 20 cm in diameter and 30 cm in height to the hole. 5 cm below the ground, put it into the hole, and then fill it with 4 kg of nutrient solution.

2.The number of cherry pits

Depending on the size of the cherry tree canopy, generally 4-6 holes are dug for each cherry tree. Then cover with mulch and poke a small hole in the center of the hole to apply fertilizer (dissolved with water) and watering through the hole.

3. Prevent evaporation

Usually sealed with stones to prevent evaporation, as the hole is 5 cm below the ground. When it rains in the open air, rainwater can be circulated into the hole.

4. No rain

Water 4-5 kg of water every 20 days or so

5. After entering the rainy season

Stop irrigation, compared with the general method of soil fertilization, can use half less fertilizer. It is economical and effective, and has a great effect on yield increase. It should promoted in protected land cultivation.

D. Foliar fertilization for cherry planting

Foliar fertilization is an effective method of fertilization during the growing season. It has the advantages of labor-saving, fast absorption, uniform distribution and high utilization rate.

①Concentration of suitable cherry foliar fertilizer spray

However, urea is used at a concentration of 0.3%. Similarly ammonium phosphate and potassium phosphate are both used in concentrations of 0.5% to 1%. Thus potassium chloride and potassium nitrate are both used at a concentration of 1%.

②Spraying period and application time

It can used from the beginning of the cherry tree leaf spread until the leaves stop growing, and can used to supplement nutrients in time during the critical period when cherries need fertilizer. In summer, it is suitable to applied before 10:00 and after 16:00, so as not to evaporate too quickly and cause damage to the drug.

③ spraying times

Generally sprayed once every 15-20 days, can combined with the spraying of pesticides at the same time. Put the fertilizer in the pesticide together with the spray.

④ Use method

Firstly, the fertilizer can added directly to water at the desired concentration and secondly dissolved and ready for spraying. When spraying, focus on spraying the back of the leaf surface, because the back of the leaf has less keratin and is easily absorbed. Sourcing from:https://nagric.com/fertilization-management-of-cherries/