There are three methods of growing mulberry fruit. That is, directly buy mulberry seedlings to plant, reproduce with mulberry fruit branches and sowing propagation.

A、Mulberry fruit sapling planting method


Mulberry fruit trees are generally planted on sloping land and semi-arid water fields in flat ditches. Water fields are planted in borders. Before planting, we need to dig the planting trench. We need to draw a line according to the predetermined spacing between plants and rows to make a sample. Then, dig a deep planting trench, which is 30-50 cm wide and 50 cm deep. First dig 3 to 5 cm deep. Then pile the topsoil and heart soil separately. Then dig 15 cm deeper in the trench. This will loosen the subsoil. It is conducive to the deep rooting of mulberry trees. The planting ditch needs to be connected with the drainage ditch around the mulberry orchard, which can be drained in time after the rain.

2、Base fertilizer

When planting mulberry fruit fertilizer, to apply organic fertilizer. Apply 1500 to 2000 kg per mu. Can also be mixed with calcium superphosphate 50 kg. The base fertilizer is mixed with the lower layer of soil dug loose after application.

3、Refurbish seedling roots

Mulberry tree seedlings before planting, need to trim off too long, broken mulberry tree seedling roots, leaving the root length of about 15 cm. Eliminate sick and insect seedlings, the size of seedlings planted separately. Before planting, use phosphorus fertilizer with yellow mud and water to slurry the roots. This can improve the survival rate.


Fill the planting trench with part of the topsoil to cover the base fertilizer, about 7 to 10 cm thick. When planting, first pull the planting rope marked with the planting distance. We put the mulberry saplings into the planting trench and stretch the roots to achieve a positive root extension. Then fill the roots with topsoil, pinch the seedlings’ trunks and gently lift them upward so that the soil particles can fully fill the root space. Finally, pour a spoonful of fresh water human and animal manure, knock all the heart soil fine and fill in the trench, and step on it. General planting depth to bury the root neck 5 to 6 cm is appropriate. Then, we cut the trunk of the seedling according to the requirements of tree formation.

5、Watering and drainage

After planting, we need to drench in time when there is drought. In case of waterlogging, we need to drain the seedlings in time, and we need to replace the missing seedlings in time.

6、Fertilization and weeding

When the new growth of mulberry tree reaches 3~4 inches high, apply the first fertilizer. The mu application of manure + urea 7 ~ 10 kg. When it grows to 5~6 inches high, apply the second fertilizer combined with weeding. Apply 500~1000 pounds of farmyard manure + 40 pounds of compound fertilizer + 20 pounds of urea. At present, the more compound fertilizer used in the market is the one produced by Nagric. The fertilizer is 3 inches away from the mulberry seedlings. This will avoid burning the mulberry seedlings. Finally, open a trench and apply it deeply back to the soil. After the second application of fertilizer, we can spray dryland herbicide such as Hornestur once. Be careful not to spray the mulberry seedlings. Apply the third fertilizer after 20 days interval. Apply 100 kg of bio-organic fertilizer + 40 kg of urea to the mu. After applying this fertilizer, spray once with Roca + Dichlorvos. A bucket of water with a backpack sprayer with 2 caps of Lego and 2 caps of Dichlorvos. Do not need to spray other pesticides to avoid silkworm poisoning.
Growing technology of mulberry fruit

B、The mulberry fruit branch propagation method

1、The selection of land and land preparation

We generally choose fertile soil, not waterlogged dry water fields.

2、Branch selection and planting methods

We generally choose mature branches about 1 meter from the root. Generally love to plant in December. Planting with the cut to improve the survival rate. Planting methods are vertical method and horizontal method.

① Vertical method

We cut the mulberry branches to about 5 inches. After opening the trench, the branches are placed vertically. Then return to the soil, bury the branch or show a bud. Finally, compact the mud and drench it with enough water to keep it moist for 20 days. We usually cover it with film and remove the film after the buds appear.

② Horizontal burying method

This is a new technology and is most suitable for good seeds without seeds. After leveling the land, make a trench about 1.5 inch deep according to the specifications. Then, cut the mulberry branches into about 2 feet long and lay 2 strips flat. Return the soil about 0.8 inch. Lightly press and drench, cover with film, and remove the film after sprouting.

3、After planting management

Mulberry tree buds grow 5 inches high, combined with weeding. Apply 300-400 kg of farmyard manure + 15 kg of urea per mu. 20 days later, apply again. Mu apply compound fertilizer 60 kg + urea 30 kg, fertilization after insect removal.
Growing technology of mulberry fruit

C、Live set into the garden method

This is a new technology to quickly become a garden and improve economic efficiency.

1、Preparation before sowing

We generally choose the soil is loose, easy to break up the good land. After plowing and breaking, open a good drainage ditch. Row width 2.1 feet ~ 2.4 feet line, along the line of application of well-rotted organic fertilizer, and soil turned evenly, set the ground level.

2、Sowing method

Sowing in February to March is the most suitable. We first sow the mulberry tree line 3 inches wide soil, fully broken fully drenching water. Then sow mulberry seeds along the mulberry fruit line. The amount of seeds sown in mu is 2~3 taels. Finally, we cover the seeds thinly with clay powder, cover with grass and then drench. Between the rows, we plant soybeans, peanuts, vegetables and other cash crops. The set of crops can be sown at the same time as the sowing, or can be appropriately advanced. Strive to harvest in May. This can avoid affecting the growth of mulberry trees.


After sowing, the seedling stage of mulberry trees need to pay attention to drenching. We need to weed, fertilize and remove insects in a timely manner. After the harvest of the set crop, we need to fertilize in a timely manner, and soon the silkworm can be raised. In order to raise mulberry fruit trees, no summer felling in that year. In winter, cut about 1.5 feet from the ground. According to 6000~7000 plants per mu, leave enough strong plants, excess seedlings are dug up and sold or planted by themselves. Heavy winter fertilizer. Sourcing from: