Controlled release fertilizer is the future of Agric

        Controlled release fertilizer is a fertilizer with various control mechanisms to delay the initial release of nutrients.

         And control the amount and rate of release of fertilizer nutrients according to crop demand. So as to keep the release of fertilizer nutrients in line with crop demand. And thus achieve the purpose of improving fertilizer efficiency. At present. The common controlled release fertilizer is film-coated fertilizer. Which means that a film is wrapped around the traditional fast-acting fertilizer granules. And the rate of nutrient diffusion inside the film to the outside of the film. It is controlled through the micro-pores on the film. So as to follow the set release pattern with the same pace of crop nutrient uptake.

       Among most of the controlled release fertilizers available on the market. Nagric’s Manacote™, which is the better quality of controlled release fertilizers. That uses a new polymeric organic envelope to encapsulate nutrients and minerals to prevent nutrient loss or volatilization. Not only can it release fertilizer steadily for a fixed period of time to meet crop nutrient demand. While protect roots and leaves from burning. But it has no chemical reaction with soil microorganisms. It saves labor and application costs, and does not require complex equipment. At present, this technology has obtained PCT patent.